The Strategic Partnership for Dance in Education was prepared by three organisations form three European countries – “Hobby Folk” Association form Lithuania, Municipal Group of the PZKO in Cieszyn “Olza” form the Czech Republic and the “Passionfruits” Association form Poland. Our main goal is to improve the quality of dance classes run in kindergartens and elementary schools as well as to increase the popularity of dance as an educational tool. We wanted to achieve this goal in an innovative way – we have prepared a set of educational tools available online, which will help teachers in their work with kids.

This set of tools consists of:

  • Recordings of 15 musical pieces based on traditional folk melodies from our three countries. Each one was professionally arranged by a composer to be a variation on the original melody, giving it a new form and enabling it to tell a story through the choreography. We entitled this set “Musical Stories form Three Countries”.
  • Choreographies developed in three versions for each of the musical pieces. We believe that preparing a few alternatives will make it easier to match the choreographies to groups of kids varying in size and gender..
  • Video recordings of each of the choreographies performed by a group of dancers and video tutorials on executing particular steps and figures.

We want to share all of the above-mentioned materials through this website. Below you can find a list of titles of the prepared dances. By choosing one of them you will access a page on which you will be able to preview the videos of each version of the choreography and the tutorials, listen to the recorded music as well as download each of the files.

During the school year of 2017/18 we will be running activities meant to disseminate and implement the created set of tools. We have planned, among others, to organize workshops for teachers during which they will be able to get support in their work with the prepared materials. We hope that our project will result in a visible improvement of the quality of dance classes as well as the increase in the popularity of the use of dance as an important educational tool.

Your views and opinions are very important to us – feel free to contact us!

Warunki korzystania

Warunki korzystania

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Na przykład:


Tytuł: Serele

Muzyka: Witold Jarosiński

Choreografia: German Komarovski

Własność praw autorskich majątkowych: Stowarzyszenie „Passionfruits”.


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